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Officially there has been announcements about a couple of upcoming movies which will take up Social Media as a subject. There is a bright future for Social Media when it comes to the movies. Reasons being:

1. A lot of films now-a-days mention Facebook, Youtube or Twitter here and there.

2. Movie makers realize the power of Social Media. They are even “Kickstarting” their projects now.

3. Most recent blockbusters utilize Social engagement to attract audiences to theaters.

4. These days a movie’s success is measured by the Social Media buzz created

Ever since the movie ‘Social Network’, there has not been a real biopic on a figure set in the world of Social Media and we want to see one made on the life of a Social Media Manager. We would like to suggest a few titles to go with.

Movies about a Social Media Manager



We even made a cover art for one:

Thank you for RT

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