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In this age of competition, nothing works without proper testing. You might be the extremely honest, sincere and most proficient one in delivering high-end products or services, if you haven’t checked on the market yet, you might be in for a good amount of loss.

The ever changing market trends or the ever-evolving tastes of your consumers won’t send you a personal ticker, asking to keep up with those considerations before launching your new product. Using online survey tools to garner customer satisfaction info on your current products is essential. Knowing the tastes and the requirements of an existing customer base before launching new products is a smart way of avoiding product fails. If you’re buying a kid candy, it’s better to ask him which one he likes. Here are some reasons why you should embrace on-line surveys:

The essence of business lies within customer satisfaction

Retaining the old customers is always easier and more valuable than running after the new ones. Almost all of the business big heads would second that. Studies reveal that satisfied customers are more prone to buying new products, develop a sense of loyalty towards the brand and never hesitate to recommend them to their peers. While on the flip side, if not serviced at the right time, a disgruntled customer can use unfair criticism to mar company’s reputation. Therefore a time-to-time feedback survey not only helps to strengthen your precious customer base but also aids in maintaining the company’s current prestige.

For Better Business Development

Crowd-sourcing is instrumental in carrying out successful marketing campaigns, opening dead-ends and searching new business horizons. However, the real challenge for the marketer begins from tapping the right talent. According to a CareerBuilder study, nearly 37% of the companies use social media to acquire potential job candidates. On-line Surveys could be a great way to test out your potential talent.

When it comes to crowd, businesses believe in co-creation

In this era of crowd-sourcing, the difference between producer and consumer has almost vanished through the readily available digital tools that enable one to produce as well as to consume. Many retail brands are co-creating their products with their customers. Tailoring your products based on consumer insights can help you businesses expand exponentially. The idea is to spot the knots, cut through the clutter and utilize the most extra-ordinary for your own business evolution.

It is time to take a deeper look inside

There’s this huge realization of the importance of internal assessment as a part of effective crisis management. Studies have shown that the majority of the crisis situation starts and could be dealt internally, before it goes public. Internal surveys and HR feedbacks are an effective way of of keeping the staff involved and avoid communication disasters from happening.

What a decent survey looks like

A good survey should have the following ingredients:

  • Avoid using extravagant language. Remember, you want your survey to reach out to the masses, so keep it as much comprehensible as possible.
  • Keep the questions to a minimum. Target your survey to gather one major information at a time.
  • Keep some questions optional. If you don’t, then you might lose out on some major chunks of crowd who do not want to dole out much personal information.
  • Add some interesting and witty questions that can make the lazy crowd sit upright on their couches and feel pepped to resume.
  • Above all, choose the right survey tools enabled with real time analytics to give some scientific sanity to your research.

How often should you do it

Marketers have varying opinions over the frequency of surveys a brand should conduct. However, all of them would sing in one tone when that pre and post product launch surveys are concerned. To some of them, conducting surveys during mid life of product life cycle can act as a great reality check if you’re considering the repositioning of the product. On an average companies should conduct the feedback surveys every quarter. Talking about specifics, try to keep the surveys for the midweek days and afternoons when people are freer to respond to your surveys. Also don’t forget to follow up, keep a track, connect and reconnect.

Response and Analytics

Do not feel disheartened if you do not get the desired response with the first few surveys. Well, that’s normal, people may be a bit reluctant, but when something interesting is thrown to them consistently, they tend to pay heed. Also don’t forget to respond your customer’s queries on social media as well. Studies show that 60-80% of the consumers want an immediate response to their queries on all platforms. So it’s all give and take in this business.

Any survey response goes waste if it is not well analysed. However, you shouldn’t worry about that in the presence of on-line survey sites and proficient survey masters which can collect and analyse real time survey data for you.

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