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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Parody

So the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign spewed up dozens of parody videos across the internet. I had a chance to go through them because yeah, that’s my entertainment. While the original campaign didn’t get a thumbs up from the critics worldwide and feminists panned the whole idea by rejecting the “You are more beautiful than you think” by saying that the ad is is subversive because it enforces that beauty still matters as a parameter of judgement for woman by the society.

Anyhow, it is hilarious to see that what was supposed to be moving or at least touching, became subjected to ridicule. Well, here is a compilation of funniest parodies of the Dove campaign:

6. The Creep Version: Totally creepy with really demeaning humour you will love if you are a real jock. A few more degrading parodies (including one involving testicles) are doing the rounds. It seems like the Dove campaign has opened up a barrage of insulting comedy about human perception about human features.


5. The Neo Feminist version: This one goes ahead tries to make a point – “You are more than just beautiful”


4. The Latina Version: This one is a really smart parody. It is more funny if you are living in a multi cultural society. A satire on the stereotyping of Latin American women. Primary targets the campaign from a racial point of view. It seriously raises a question on the actual campaign. What if other people’s opinion root from cultural prejudices. A couple of more parodies about stereotyping are going around including one with Asian man that says “You are more Asian than you think”. This one ends with a line – “Latina Women… Not what you think”


3. The Unabomber version : A really mindless parody. I really didn’t get what the creators meant to show. Are all women like the Unabomber from inside out? I have no idea! There’s no tagline but we see the Unabomber singing along a song playing on his cell phone (Ironic for a guy who shunned modern technology). Anyway here’s the video:


2. The Art School Version : I don’t know what to call this parody but it vaguely reminded me of Art School Confidential. The subjects come from wider sections of the society including a transgender man and an African American woman. The epic humour is delivered when a lady is relieved to know that she does not look like a “giant package of gum walking around” and is glad to know that people actually see her as a ‘real’ person. Tagline – You are as beautiful as we think


1. The Men’s Brand version : The finest parody of all. This video from Cladwell.com is probably a better ad for a men’s fashion website than the original ad was for women’s beauty products. The tag line – “You might not be as good looking as you think” just steals it.


There are a couple of more parodies out there and more still coming. There are also a series of memes. Surely the Dove campaign is a total chew up. Easy to parody and leaves out a lot of loose ends. Whoever thought it was a cool idea! Anyway I think I should put the original here as well:

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