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For years, great Social Media Consultants have tried hard to seek a formula to create self propagating, quick spreading campaigns which are commonly termed as ‘Viral’. Advertising geniuses (like the ones we recently witnessed) and digital gurus have given their shot to decipher the components of a great viral campaign. There has also been some success on a few accounts but mostly these are flukes. There is an obvious ‘trial and error’ involved in creating a real viral campaign.

Biggest problems associated with ensuring the ‘virality’ of a campaign are:

1. Humour: Thought to be one of the biggest components of a Viral Campaign, is a tricky subject on it’s own. What you thought was funny could be a drag and even offensive to some. Your so called funny campaign which might have received some eyeballs (Courtesy big budget advertising), could be send off to a ‘Content Jail’, never to be seen again. How to understand humour and use it properly is a big concern for many creative executives because mostly  they are just trying too hard while they barely have any humour in their personal lives.

2. Sharing: For your campaign to go ‘Viral’, it has to have that influence on people so that they share it across.  With the increased volumes of activity on Social Media, users have developed a natural reluctance in doing so. Your digital campaign has to be smarter to overcome that reluctance. It should trigger that ‘impulse to share’ in whoever sees it. For this there has to be a subtle suggestion hidden in your campaign. Most digital marketers think like door to door salesmen, not understanding the ‘Social’ in Social Media.

3. Craze: What causes a hysteria? Harlem Shake (The Holy Grail of all things Viral) shows us that practically anything can make people on the internet go crazy. How to tap its potential for your business and brand? Social Media and Content Marketers have pondered on the predictability of this matter and have come out pretty clueless about what sells and what fails. When does the lines blur between crappy content and viral content?

At Organic Social we have worked really hard in devising next generation technology-synaptic synergies to find out the truth behind ‘Going Viral’. What we have done is that we have brought together people who are changing the improbability of viral content into guaranteed success. We have found hypnotic communication techniques which will bind your audience on Social Media.

To ensure a high level of virality we have hand picked a team of psychic interpreters who are isolated from the rest of the world. Combining their abilities with internet, we have been able to solve the fallacies of Social Graph. Not that only our psychics are awesome, our technical team is also quite special. All of them have received technology adaptation and coding training in utero. We know that our exceptional team is small but highly skilful and mystical.

The secret formulas and concoctions that we prepare by mixing para-science, precognition and futuristic technology is unparalleled. Your brand needs psychics for better Social Media engagement and  we provide you just that. So this April, stop worrying about the increasing number of social networking sites. Just come to OS and we will take care of your campaigns with our psychic capabilities.

(Written in good humour)

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