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Pinterest Strikes back

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

If Facebook is the City, Twitter is the Newspaper, YouTube is the multiplex then Pinterest is really the marketplace. For long there has been a flood of social networking sites and we have all been to them in our own time. The USP of a social network decides whether or not it will be a success. Or maybe saying that would be wrong because the sheer volume of online users and the rising convergence makes it irrelevant whether you get the same features from another social network. It’s just a question of application and style. For that matter, users seem to pay more importance to attractiveness and the sense of exclusivity. The question is to what extant a new social platform can achieve that exclusivity.

One social network site that has managed to do it quite wisely is Pinterest, arguably the most successful amongst the 3rd* generation social networks (*1st generation- Remember Orkut, Hi5 and the likes? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube belong to the 2nd generation).

Part 1: Pinterest is a pretty girl

I mean who doesn’t like to be around a pretty, colourful, cheery, artsy, non-judgemental girl. That’s how Pinterest is. She’s visually attractive and great to spend time with. You also get to know so much, plus she loves shopping and she allows secrets too.

Part 2: But don’t be fooled by the charms

Pinterest is pretty but is a mean machine too. Within 2 years of it’s operation it not only established itself as the fastest growing network, it also proved to be the biggest traffic generator for online selling sites. Although its analytics is quite preliminary, it does send out a message to brands that its not done yet. Conquest is in her veins.

Part 3: Switching over to the dark side: To rule the eCommerce

Pinterest ultimately attracts all the biggies of eCommerce like Etsy and Amazon to become allies. With an affinity towards all things visual, Pinterest becomes the greatest display arena for consumer brands. Forget complicated messaging to get your point across. Just work on your presentation.


Pinterest Strikes Back [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest Strikes Back [INFOGRAPHIC]



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