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While the new look of Pinterest got so much attention last week, there is still a lot of word flying around about the new analytics features that came along with the new look. With these upgrades  Pinterest proves it’s seriousness in the Social Media arena. It is noteworthy that Pinterest not only introduced cosmetic changes but also a utility tool that will woo the brand owners.

Unlike Twitter which is moving towards a commercial model with its Promotional Tweets and lets users depend on third party tools, Pinterest is setting its goals towards acquiring more users who treat it as a ecosystem where they can spend hours, much like Facebook.

Anyway, will see how it all measure up in future. We just fooled around on Pinterest, much at the behest of Christine from Florida.


Here’s introducing the new Pinterest to those who came in late.

1. Switching to the new look of Pinterest:

To switch to the new look of Pinterest you have to add a website to your Pinterest profile. No verification is required to switch to the new look but you will need to do it to use analytics feature. Check out the video we created to show you how to switch to new look.


2. Verifying your website link on Pinterest to use Analytics:

Once you switch to the new look you will have to verify the website you just added to your profile. This is required to start using analytics. We understand that most of you will know how to do it, but if in case you don’t then check out our video.


 Tip for brands: Start pinning links from your website more so that you can track the Pinterest activity originating from your website. This means start creating more original content.


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Christine like.author.displayName 1 Like

Great post! These are great tips on how to get Pinterest's new look. How are you liking it so far?


About Pinterest, I have great plans to include it in our next Social Media strategies in a big way! There is no reason to believe that Pinterest will continue to do magic like it did when it became the fastest growing social network. What can I say, they are just different!


Thanks a lot Christine! It seems Twitter guys didn't take my remarks on them too well :) @OrganicSocial is still suspended. I hope we get our twitter account back soon. Thanks again for being there and sharing the post.