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The FIFA World Cup 2014 is one of the biggest events on Earth. As its broadcast globally and attracts audience in large numbers, it’s a great chance for companies or organizations for introducing their product or services to large attentive audience.

This type of publicity needs unique and advance planning as the big brands start competing to get people to buy their products. In 2014 FIFA World Cup, and social marketing by brands has become significantly more practical and driven by the urge to outrun others through creative efforts as much as just using star power.


Sony has invested in its FIFA World Cup sponsorship in many ways, inviting fans from all over the world  to “join the conversation” not on the “standard” social channels like Youtube, but on One Stadium Live on Sony Xperia. This step force fans to move from – Facebook and Twitter – to another social location during the event. It still remains to be seen how much attention they will get by this move.

Hyundai is attracting fans, by asking them to help in creating a worldwide “Fan Park” by sharing – photos, videos and tweets, of themselves enjoying the FIFA World Cup, with the result spread all over a world.

There are many more socially global FIFA partners and sponsors – following on from some virally successful initial videos, Kia’s World Cup Ad: “For one month, let’s all be futbol fans. “Samsung Galaxy: “The Training” and Adidas: “All in or nothing”.

In this article we take a look at the growing trends in “Big Game” Social Media antics and brand engagement and see what we can learn from advertising strategies.


1. Bring them on one stage

The event is about bringing people together from all around the World to your brand and how your advertisement should do the same. A good example is the Kia’s World Cup Ad: “For one month, let’s all be futbol fans” TV advertising campaign. It does sell a car through a supermodel but also teases the American audience in a cheeky and yet non aggressive way to drive them to watch ‘real’ football.


2. Maintain emotional side

Advertisements fueled by the FIFA World Cup draw on their strength to incite emotions. Whether this is by evoking people’s desire to be just like their sporting heroes or taking advantage of patriotism, there’s no denying that if you can touch someone’s emotions they’ll remember that advertisement and therefore your brand. Emotional connections is the best way to attract fans and a great example of this being the Nike ad ‘Risk Everything’.


3. Expand socially as much you can

The era of Social Media Network is in full pace. Businesses are currently making whole strategies around social media networks because the results it offers with people from all over the world can help in creating a positive brand awareness. Always remember, well-timed and well-crafted campaign has the potential to reach million views without spending even a single penny, so you can’t neglect the power of social media network.  The hashtag is an ultimate social branding force. Launching discussions on hashtag friendly social networks is probably one single high return social strategy one can’t avoid so choose your hashtags right from the beginning. Also do not underestimate the power of campaign website. It is central to your campaign and make it as interactive as possible. Use social APIs wisely!


4. Brand Hero v/s Brand Name

The main goal of every advertisement is that people should remember the name of brand. You probably remember the advertisement in which Lionel Messi acts but the brand name slips from your mind. So, advertisement should convey its message properly which makes people remember the name of the brand as well. Pepsi tried to cement that connection with fans by including a slew of football stars and invoking the 70s David Bowie tune “We Could Be Heroes… Just for one day” for the modern day kids.


5. Distribution of your strategy

When it’s all started, don’t focus on one team or one event. Your advertisement should live throughout the event. Let’s assume you pay attention to previous winner “Spain” and buy all their rights and make strategy with them but after two matches Spain looses the whole game and is knocked out from the competition. At this time, you had nothing in your hands. The most tragic example is the untimely departure of Neymar and the successive events. We wish him speedy recovery. Yet always remember to distribute your strategy in many directions.

In the end, creating an ad isn’t just about selling your product, it’s about creating buzz about your brand in positive way.


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